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$200,000 Settlement – Woman Sustains Serious and Permanent Injuries in Auto Accident

In 2012, our client was driving and slowed her car down to make a left turn. As she went to turn, the defendant driver behind her went left of center in an attempt to pass our client, even though they were in a no passing zone. This caused the two cars to collide, and our client’s car spun out of control. When emergency medical services arrived at the scene, our client was found walking around and was extremely disoriented, unable to tell first responders her name and age. She was immediately put in an ambulance and transported to an area hospital. On route to the hospital, our client’s level of consciousness sharply declined, and she became completely unable to speak.

At the hospital, our client remained disoriented and unable to form coherent sentences. After a series of tests, she was admitted to the neurological intensive care unit for observation. As the day progressed, our client slowly became able communicate in small sentences to the point where she could tell physicians that she was suffering from head pain, nausea, shoulder, knee, and leg pain. Tests showed that she had sustained injuries to her head, back, and shoulder. She remained hospitalized for a week and was then discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation center for further recovery. Throughout her stay at the rehabilitation facility our client was able to make steady improvements, but she still suffered from cognitive deficits. Our client remained in inpatient rehabilitation for two months before she was strong enough to go home. Once home, she still required extensive therapy to continue to assist her in re-gaining her strength, both physically and mentally.

Prior to this accident, our client was an avid golfer, and overall a very physically active person who was always “on the go.” Now, she struggles to play golf, continues to have difficulty finding her words, is forced to use a cane, and finds herself dependent on family and friends. While before the accident our client took great joy in her active and social lifestyle, she now finds herself feeling hopeless and isolated as her injuries cause her great pain and have resulted in the inability to maintain prior lifestyle.

Our client contacted the Charles Boyk Law Offices to assist her with the aftermath of this traumatic accident. Through negotiations, we were successful in avoiding litigation and obtaining a settlement for our client that will go a long way to account for the pain and suffering she has endured.

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