Case Results

$180,000 Settlement – Man Sustains Serious Injuries in Automobile Accident

In 2015, our client, a resident of Lucas County, was a passenger in a car that was traveling in Lambertville, Michigan when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The defendant driver was working and driving a company van when he pulled out in front of the car our client was a passenger in, causing a head on collision. Our client and the other passengers of the vehicle were all transported by emergency medical services to an area hospital to treat their injuries. Upon an investigation, the defendant was found to be at fault for the accident and was appropriately cited.

At the hospital, doctors diagnosed our client with a fracture to his left leg as well as a spinal fracture. He was admitted to the surgical intensive care unit and subsequently underwent a surgical operation that required screws to be placed in his spine to repair the injury. Upon his discharge from the hospital, he spent a week in an inpatient rehabilitation facility regaining his strength. As a result of this accident, our client suffered from severe continued pain due to the injuries he sustained. He also was required to undergo an additional painful surgery to remove the screws that had been placed in his spine.

Although this accident occurred just over the Ohio-Michigan border in Lambertville, Michigan, both our client and the defendant were residents of Ohio. This required our team to decide which state’s laws applied, which was critical for evaluating theories for our client’s recovery. Our team of attorneys conducted thorough and careful research, ultimately deciding that Ohio law was applicable in this case. Through negotiations, we were successful in avoiding trial and obtained a satisfactory settlement for our client.

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