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$125,000 Settlement – Passenger Suffers Bilateral Rotator Cuff Tears in Auto Accident

In 2016, our client was riding as a passenger in a car driven by a relative when they were involved in a motor vehicle accident. The defendant had been stopped at a stop sign when he failed to see the car our client was riding in approaching the intersection. He proceeded to enter the intersection instead of yielding and collided with the car our client was in. Our client was transported by emergency medical services to an area hospital to treat his injuries. An investigation proved the defendant to be at fault and he was subsequently cited for causing the accident.

Due to continued pain, our client sought further medical treatment and upon an evaluation he was found to have sustained a tear to both his right and left rotator cuff, a right knee sprain, as well as dental fractures and trauma. The serious nature of his injuries required him to undergo two painful surgeries to repair both his left shoulder and knee injury. Our client’s orthopedic surgeon stated that as a direct result of the injuries to his shoulders, our client will eventually develop osteoarthritis in both shoulders, which will cause future complications for him. It was also determined that our client will likely need future surgical interventions for his shoulder, knee, and dental injuries.

Prior to the accident, our client was in overall good health. Now due to the permanent nature of his injuries he is unable to reach, push, pull, or work above shoulder height, which has resulted in significant pain and difficulty for our client as he attempts to carry on with routine activities.

We were retained to assist with this serious injury accident just days after the it occurred. We filed suit in the Putnam County Common Pleas Court, but through successful negotiations we avoided trial and obtained a satisfactory settlement for our client. While our client will likely feel the pain from this accident both physically and financially well into the future, the settlement we recovered on his behalf will go a long way to account for his pain and suffering.

***Individual results may vary based on the facts, injuries, jurisdiction, venue, witnesses, parties, and other factors. This result is not necessarily representative of the results obtained by all clients. ***

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