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$100,000 Settlement – Teen Pulled Off Side of Road with Broken Down Car Sustains A Concussion When He Is Hit by Another Driver

In 2019, our young client sustained a serious head injury when he was hit by a car. Our client’s car had broken down and so our client was pulled off to the side of the road waiting for assistance. A friend had arrived to help and had pulled off the side of the road behind our client’s car. The defendant driver, who was unable to see properly due to sunlight blocking his view, went off the road and struck our client’s friend’s car at 55 miles per hour. The impact sent the friend’s car forward into our client’s car. The impact of the collision was so strong that it caused our client to be knocked unconscious. Our client was then taken to a nearby hospital via Life Flight to assess his injuries. The defendant was found to be at-fault for causing the accident and was cited for failure to assure clear distance.

At the hospital, our client was diagnosed with a severe concussion and he was admitted to the ICU for four days for monitoring. As a result of his injury, our client experienced memory loss and severe migraines. These post-concussive symptoms made it so that our client was unable to attend school, marching band practice, and he required speech therapy.

We were contacted by our client’s father to help assist our clients in their recovery. Due to a successful negotiation, we avoided the need for our client to ever set foot in a courtroom as we obtained a satisfactory settlement for our client. The amount we were able to obtain for our client against the defendant, however, was not enough to adequately compensate him for the extent of his injuries. Luckily, our client was covered under an underinsured motorist policy and we were able to double his recovery value by obtaining an additional settlement under that policy.

***Individual results may vary based on the facts, injuries, jurisdiction, venue, witnesses, parties, and other factors. This result is not necessarily representative of the results obtained by all clients.***

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