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$100,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Struck When Crossing Street Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury and Severe Injury to Her Leg

In 2013, our client was severely injured when she was hit by the defendant driver. Our client, a professor at Ohio Northern University, was walking across a street on campus when she was struck by the defendant driver. The impact of the accident knocked our client unconscious and she had no memory of being hit by the car. From the scene, our client was transported to a nearby hospital via ambulance to assess and treat her injuries.

As a result of the accident, our client sustained a mild traumatic brain injury with brain bleed, fractures to her left knee and leg, and multiple contusions. The injury to her knee was so severe, it was essentially crushed. To repair the injury, our client underwent an extensive operation where surgeons worked to rebuild her knee, and her meniscus had to be removed. Our client remained in the hospital for over a week. She was then discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility where she remained for the next ten weeks. In the weeks following the accident, our client developed debilitating vertigo that required her to undergo vestibular therapy. This regression made our client’s rehabilitation much more difficult. She also required intensive physical therapy to increase her range of motion and regain strength in her leg and knee, and now requires a cane to assist her with walking.

Not only did our client sustain serious physical injuries from the accident, but she has also incurred a significant amount of medical bills directly related to the accident. It is also likely that she will continue to incur significant medical costs as she is expected to need a knee replacement in the future.

We were retained to assist our client in her recovery from this horrible accident and were able to completely avoid the need for any litigation as we obtained a policy limits settlement for her. The settlement we were able to secure for her will go a long way toward ensuring that she can receive the necessary medical treatments and surgical procedures she will now require.

***Individual results may vary based on the facts, injuries, jurisdiction, venue, witnesses, parties, and other factors. This result is not necessarily representative of the results obtained by all clients.***

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