Case Results

$100,000 Settlement – Pedestrian Struck By Car Suffers Multiple Injuries

In 2018, our client was leaf blowing when he sustained serious injuries after being hit by a car. Failing to see our client, the defendant driver hit him, causing our client to strike the windshield of the defendant’s car and then fall violently to the pavement. Our client was transported to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries.

At the hospital, our client was diagnosed with a broken nose, a traumatic tear of his left rotator cuff, several chipped teeth, and numerous other injuries as a result of the accident. To repair these injuries, he required numerous appointments, procedures, and many months of physical therapy. While the initial physical injuries healed, our client was left with extensive physical limitations that will likely be permanent. It was also believed by doctors that our client would need to undergo future surgical intervention.

We were contacted shortly after the accident to assist our client in navigating his recovery. Due to our team’s hard work, we successfully avoided the need for litigation and obtained a policy limits settlement for him. The settlement we were able to obtain for our client will go a long way to account for his pain and suffering and help him as he moves forward.

***Individual results may vary based on the facts, injuries, jurisdiction, venue, witnesses, parties, and other factors. This result is not necessarily representative of the results obtained by all clients.***

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