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$100,000 Settlement – Manager Sustains Head Injury While On The Job, Resulting in Permanent Complications

In June 2015, our client was working in his role as a general manager of a restaurant when he was injured on the job. Part of our client’s responsibility as manager was to oversee deliveries made to the store, which is what he was doing at the time of injury. As he was helping unload the delivery, the load stabilizer fell and struck our client on the head.

Following the accident, our client sought treatment at a nearby hospital, where he was diagnosed with a deep scalp laceration and a closed head injury. The laceration to his scalp was so severe that it required staples. While our client initially thought that he had just sustained a minor bump on his head, as time went on his family and co-workers began noticing significant changes in his behavior. Our client began to experience angry outbursts and exhibited poor decision-making skills. He started mixing up his schedule at work, showing up on his days off and not showing up when he was supposed to. Our client also began to fall asleep throughout the day and was unable to properly care for his two-year-old daughter when she was in his sole care. Due to these severe changes in his behavior, our client was terminated from his position as general manager as he could no longer adequately perform the job. All these mental and physical changes caused our client to seek treatment with a neurologist and he was subsequently diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome and neck sprain. Our client’s wife stated that her husband is a completely different person than he was prior to the incident.

Prior to this tragic accident, our client was a healthy, physically fit man who enjoyed being active and spending time with his family. He also enjoyed and was successful at managing a restaurant and was able to keep up with the fast-paced and demanding nature of the job. Now, he struggles to maintain the life he once had and our client’s wife fears leaving their daughter at home alone with her husband due to his unpredictable mood and inability to supervise her.

Our firm was contacted shortly after this horrible accident to assist our client in his recovery and we successfully negotiated a policy limits settlement. While no amount of money will make our client whole due to the permanent and life changing nature of his injuries, the settlement we were able to obtain for our client will go a long way to account for his pain and suffering and help him as he moves forward.

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