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$100,000 Settlement – Man Suffers Multiple Fractures in Auto Accident

In 2018, our client sustained severe injuries when he was injured in a motor vehicle accident. Our client was parked on the side of Interstate 75 due to a flat tire when the defendant driver, who was attempting to merge onto the road, lost control of her car, spun around, crossed three lanes of traffic, and struck our client’s vehicle. Emergency medical services transported our client from the scene of the accident to a nearby hospital to treat his injuries.

Our client was admitted to the hospital, where he remained for the next 10 days. He was found to have sustained a hip fracture and multiple spinal cord fractures. Three days after the accident, when our client was stable enough, he underwent two surgeries to repair his injuries. One surgery required surgeons to remove a damaged disc from our client’s neck. The second operation performed was to reduce his hip fracture and required an internal fixation to be placed in his hip socket. Both surgeries required that plates and screws be implanted at the site of our client’s injuries. Once released from the hospital, he required extensive therapy to regain his strength and mobility.

Several months after the accident, our client remained unable to bear weight on his injuries and he still required months of therapy. Due to his continued injury, our client was unable to return to work and it was unclear when he would be able to return to his job. Additionally, it was likely that our client would suffer from continued pain and need additional surgical procedures in the future.

Our client contacted our firm shortly after the accident for assistance in his recovery. Luckily, due to a successful negotiation with the defendant’s car insurance company we completely avoided the need for litigation as we obtained a policy limits settlement for our client.

***Individual results may vary based on the facts, injuries, jurisdiction, venue, witnesses, parties, and other factors. This result is not necessarily representative of the results obtained by all clients.***

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