Charles Boyk Paralegal, Sarah Sharpe, and her husband Dave are caring, community-minded people. They love to host family and friends. They foster rescue dogs pending adoption, and for the 7th year, they opened up their home to visiting LPGA golfers during the Dana Classic Tournament. Their hospitality helps make the tour more affordable and provides a support network for the golfers while they are in town. Sarah and Dave also attend the tournament and cheer on their house-guests. Afterward, they like to help them unwind and take their minds off the tournament pressure.

“They just want to hang out and relax. We havebarbecues and cook dinners,” said Sarah.

“The golfers are so appreciative of everyone who helps them, and the tournament to succeed. Even if a player has a bad round, they always take the time to walk by a volunteer to thank them for helping make the tournament possible,” says Dave Sharpe.

This year, the couple played host to golfers Charlotte Thomas, Lauren Kim, Caroline Inglis, and Mariah Stackhouse. Dave also fulfilled a longtime dream when he was able to caddy for tour
veteran, Lauren Kim, who has stayed with them during previous tournaments.

“It’s a lot more than carrying a golf bag for 18 holes. A caddy puts in 7-9 hours a day with warm-up, round, and post-round practicing… But the most important role of a caddy is making sure
to always remain positive.”

The couple also hosted a retirement party for golfer Lauren Kim who says this is her final year on the LPGA tour.


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