Boyk Law Helps Man Rear-Ended By Semi Truck

Two years ago, Tony Reino came to Boyk Law looking for help.

On August 3, 2018, Tony was traveling southbound on Interstate 280 in stop-and-go traffic when his and seven other vehicles were rear-ended by a commercial tractor-trailer. Three people lost their lives in the tragic event. Tony was severely injured in the crash and experiences lasting trauma to this day.

This was a complex case, requiring many hours of research and dogged pursuit of those responsible. We advocated for Tony, helped him find the right medical treatment, and held those responsible accountable, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Happened The Day Of The Crash

Tony said after he and the other vehicles stopped for traffic, he looked in one of his mirrors and saw the truck coming at him at high speed. The impact sent Tony’s car flying off into the median. When EMS arrived on the scene of the accident, Tony had to be extracted from the vehicle from the passenger side rear door due to damage to the driver’s side.

The Aftermath

In addition to serious injuries to his head, Tony also suffered severe injuries to his right leg, requiring surgery, physical therapy, pain management, and more. Tony faces lifelong chronic pain and swelling in his right leg which will alter his daily activities for the rest of his life. Tony was also off work for approximately four weeks following this accident, resulting in a significant loss of wages. But for Tony, this crash was about more than the specific injuries he suffered that day—it’s about the realities of living with that trauma for the rest of his life.

“I would have never believed that what I went through would cause me to relive the accident every day,” said Tony Reino. “This proves very difficult as I am a person who has to drive for my employment. I can still see the truck as it struck me, I can hear the impact, I can hear the sirens. I still feel the pain from that day.”

Moving Forward

It has been our privilege to represent Tony and help him recover the compensation he deserves for not only the injuries he suffered in that crash but also for the effects this incident will have on the rest of his life. Tony was kind enough to post a Google review about his experience:

“I retained the Charles E Boyk Law firm to represent me regarding a vehicle accident I was involved in. When initially discussing my case with them they were extremely thorough with their questions and setting forth expectations for themselves and me. We spent a great deal of time discussing my case and the options that I had at my disposal. Michael Bruno was my attorney in addition to Katie Harris … Their expertise with personal injury and accidents was very apparent from the beginning. and they did an outstanding job handling my case from inception to completion. My paralegal, Nancy, did a phenomenal job communicating with me and all parties involved in the case. I highly recommend the Charles E. Boyk law firm for all of your personal injury needs.”

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