Boyk Law Files Suit Over Roller Coaster Brain Injury

Boyk Law Files Suit Over Roller Coaster Brain Injury

We recently filed suit for a client who sustained a brain injury while a passenger on a roller coaster. The amusement park allowed passengers to continue to ride despite a known “computer error.” Our client was injured when a trailing coaster car crashed into her car, just as she was preparing to disembark. This case is pending in Federal Court in Toledo.

Avoiding Common Injuries

The most common amusement park injuries are sunburn and heat-related conditions like heat stroke and dehydration.

  • Wear sun protection
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Review all rules and regulations on the park website before you go
  • Read the signs
  • Listen to your body and know your limitations

If Serious Sickness or an Injury Occurs:

As a guest of an amusement park, you are a business invitee, which means the park has a duty to provide a safe environment. If something like a broken bone or a head injury happens, take immediate steps.

  • Notify a park employee. (Note the employee’s name.)
  • Seek medical attention at the park.
  • If symptoms persist, go to the ER

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