Boyk Law Advantage: Nursing Paralegal

All of our legal assistants and paralegals here at Charles Boyk Law have an important role to play when it comes to handling your case, and no one more so than our Nurse Paralegal, Emma Sullivan. With her previous experience in hospital settings and insurance processing, Emma brings a unique, invaluable perspective to the team.

A paralegal is deeply involved in the proceedings of each case, from beginning to end, handling much of the necessary paperwork and communication. A nurse paralegal’s job, however, is even more specific, and especially vital for cases that involve medical treatment (such as auto accidents, medical malpractice, and worker’s compensation, which are only a few of the types of cases we handle!)

As the title suggests, a nurse paralegal is a paralegal with a medical background. They are familiar with medical documentation, standards, and procedures, and apply that experience in a legal context. The nurse paralegal creates a cohesive timeline of treatment, from the date of an incident to recovery—they review what is sometimes hundreds of medical record documents, and piece together each appointment, diagnosis, prescription, and procedure.

However, their work isn’t done there — next comes the analysis of the treatment. Given their medical experience, a nurse paralegal is able to understand why physicians and medical practitioners make the decisions they do, and if those decisions follow what is known as a standard of care. With this knowledge, they are able to direct the flow of research on the part of our firm and bring our attention to the most important details of our client’s treatment and health.

“Emma is trained as both a nurse and a paralegal, so she knows what to look for in order to help you prepare and to prove your case,” says Attorney Chuck Boyk. She is professionally trained in analyzing medical records. Instead of 2000 pages, she can provide a 15-page summary with all of the important medical information.

“I can analyze the facts better using the summary, and we will give you a copy as well, so you can be better prepared for your deposition. It’s a distinct competitive advantage of using Charles Boyk Law,” Says Emma.

Having the trained eye of a nurse paralegal available to review and guide the treatment of our clients is just one way we here at Charles Boyk ensure you are getting the best care for your case. With her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, along with her emergency room and Nurse Health Education experience, Emma brings essential skills and expertise to our team to ensure the most thorough evaluation at every step of your case.

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