BOYK BRIEF PODCAST FEATURES: Nurse Paralegal Emma Sullivan

Not every personal injury lawyer employs a Registered Nurse/ Paralegal. At Charles Boyk Law, Emma Sullivan is a valuable resource to our team and clients. As both an RN and a Paralegal, Emma
is involved with a case from beginning to end, assisting our attorneys with summarizing and reviewing medical records. She assesses the client’s injuries so our attorneys can use that information to demonstrate how extensive their injuries are and whether they resulted from the accident. This allows our lawyers and the justice system to assign value to the injuries, which aids in seeking a larger financial recovery.

Emma’s unique skills as a Registered Nurse Paralegal are applied to many of our cases, including medical malpractice, auto accidents, worker’s compensation, and product injury, to name a few of the injury cases we handle. In a medical malpractice case, Emma reviews the medical records to assess whether a doctor or healthcare facility met the medical standard of care.

In a recent episode of the Boyk Brief, attorney Chuck Boyk asked, “What resources are available to help you with researching complicated medical issues that we don’t have expertise in?”

“For complex medical tasks, I turn to a Wolters Kluwer software application Up to Date that we subscribe to,” Explained Emma. “It is an evidenced-based research system written by physicians and contains drug interactions… the standard of care for treatment, and a hierarchy to use for tough decision-making on the go; to ensure clients get the best care.”

By using Up to Date, Emma can access the same evidence-based information, clinical expertise, and systematic research that doctors rely on. Using this information, Emma can provide our attorneys with an assessment of the standard of care our client received, which will either refute or support the case. As Chuck Boyk stated during the podcast, “I try to be open and honest with the clients because I like to be able to look them in the eye and say these are strengths of your case or these are the weaknesses and not just tell them what they want to hear, and clients appreciate that.”

The team at Boyk law monitors the details of our client’s health and treatment at every step of their case so they can begin to heal and move on to recovery.

With specialized staff like Emma Sullivan and tools such as Up to Date, we can ensure that the medical information we use to assess our client’s cases is based on evidence and expert consensus amongst medical professionals. Our staff uses the complied information to evaluate the client’s case file for accuracy and to ensure their ongoing treatment follows healthcare best practices.


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