Bowling Green Workers’ Compensation Laws

Understanding Bowling Green workers’ compensation laws can give your claim the best chance of success. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer can help you understand the relevant laws and guide you through the application process.

The Workers’ Compensation Act

The Workers’ Compensation Act is not unique to Bowling Green compared to other places. In Ohio, the law is going to do the same whether the injury happens in Bowling Green, Youngstown, Athens, or Cleveland.

The only difference is that hearing officers in other cities may be more liberal or conservative on an individual basis, but they are still going to apply the same laws throughout the entire state of Ohio. An attorney can further explain the workers’ compensation laws and how they are applied.

What Is Assigned Risk?

Assigned risk refers to the way that the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation determines whether the employer will be charged with being responsible for the injury. For example, if a person works for a temporary agency, but are stationed at a factory, if that worker is injured, the assigned risk is going to be the temporary agency. They are the employer, even though they were subcontracted out to the third-party factory. In other words, assigned risk under the Ohio Workers’ Compensation Act refers to who is considered the employer and who would be responsible for paying the premiums and benefits Under the Ohio workers’ compensation statute.

State-Funded vs. Public-Funded Claims

Workers’ compensation in Bowling Green is regulated by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. There are state-funded and self-funded workers’ compensation claims. The distinction is in a state-funded claim, which is the majority of claims, the employers pay into the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation according to a regulated schedule that pays for the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. In effect, it is similar to an insurance policy to pay the claims. If there are a substantial amount of claims, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will raise the premiums for those specific employers.

On the other hand, self-insured claims are still governed by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, but it is paid for by that specific employer. Some employers do this because it is cheaper to administer their claims and have it self-insured versus state-funded.

Application Forms in Bowling Green

The forms associated with the workers’ compensation claim are generally very complicated. The initial report of injury is not complicated. However, there is a specific change of physician form if a person needs to change their doctor and there is a form called a C-9 request for specific treatment. If a doctor believes a person needs specific treatment, they cannot just provide the treatment. Instead, they must fill out the form and apply with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and their employer to get the treatment.

Therefore, anyone with a workers’ compensation claim in Bowling Green should work with an attorney who can help them work through the system. They also need a doctor’s office that understands the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and is willing to cooperate. This can give their claim the best chance of success.

Common Mistakes

Some of the most commonly made mistakes that people make when seeking workers’ compensation would be not immediately reporting the injury to their employer. If they do not report the injury, the employer may argue that the injury did not happen at work.

Another mistake would be not seeking immediate medical attention. The reason for that is the immediate medical attention creates a record of a person’s injuries.

Not going to a workers’ compensation allowed physician is another common mistake. An injured employee could only get treatment under the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation with doctors that are affiliated and approved by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The final mistake would be not seeking the help of an attorney early in the process to help them document the claim, navigate workers’ compensation, and maximize their recovery.

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