Bowling Green Construction Accident Lawyer

If you suffer an injury in a Bowling Green construction accident, you have more than one option for seeking compensation. Workplace injuries often qualify for benefits through the state workers’ compensation laws. However, there are other avenues to recover monetary damages when a third party is involved.

In either scenario, you could benefit from a discussion with a Bowling Green construction accident lawyer. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney could advise you on both options, and evaluate the severity of your injuries. With qualified legal help, recovering monetary compensation for your injuries could become a reality.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

According to state law, a construction worker injured on the job could recover monetary benefits following an accident. There is no requirement to demonstrate fault before compensation is available, which means an employee does not have to prove their employer was negligent to obtain compensation. While it is not required to prove negligence, the insurance companies responsible for these claims routinely deny them on a number of grounds. An experienced attorney could help a Bowling Green construction worker with the claims process following an accident.

Not every injury on a construction site results in a viable workers’ compensation claim, however. The injuries must have occurred while a worker was performing their job. Injuries that occur when an alleged victim was acting dangerously or outside of the scope of their employment and pre-existing conditions do not qualify.

Benefits for Injured Workers

If a claim is successful, there are two types of benefits that could be available. These include disability benefits and medical benefits. Disability benefits make up a large portion of compensation claims following an accident. Intended to compensate you for your lost wages during the course of your injury, insurance companies pay disability benefits weekly. Generally, these benefits are a portion of your salary before the accident. While temporary disability benefits generally continue until you are ready to return to work, permanently disabled construction workers could receive disability payments for the rest of their life.

Medical benefits cover an injured construction worker’s accident-related medical bills. These costs are paid directly to the medical provider, which simplifies the process for you. These benefits cover the cost of hospital visits or emergency room care. Also, medical benefits pay for necessary physical or occupational therapy. When medication or medical devices are necessary, workers’ compensation benefits could cover those as well. There is no time limit on these benefits, meaning they only end once you complete treatment. A construction accident lawyer in Bowling Green could help you recover the benefits you deserve.

Third-Party Negligence Lawsuits

While most construction accidents fall under the umbrella of the workers’ compensation system, there are some exceptions. State law requires an injured worker to pursue a compensation claim if their employer was responsible for the accident, but there are other options against a negligent third party. When a person or entity causes a construction accident other than an employer or co-worker, an attorney could help you file suit against the negligent third party.

Reach out to a Bowling Green Construction Accident Attorney

With construction accidents, there is often more than one option for obtaining compensation for your injuries. While a workers’ compensation claim is the most common option, some cases allow for the filing of a negligence lawsuit.

In either case, pursuing monetary compensation is challenging. For help in seeking compensation for your injuries, contact a Bowling Green construction accident lawyer right away.

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