Applying for Workers’ Compensation in Bowling Green

Applying for workers’ compensation in Bowling Green does not have to be daunting. Even if you have yet to suffer an injury, an attorney could help guide you through the process in the event that you are hurt. When filing, workers need to adhere to many bureaucratic steps that are often confusing. To ensure your success, contact a workers’ compensation attorney who could help you.

Requirements for Filing a Bowling Green Workers’ Compensation Claim

To file a workers’ compensation claim in Bowling Green, victims of an accident need to fill out a form called an FROI, which is simply the first report of injury. It is about three-quarters of a one-page document that needs to be filled out by the employee/victim and emailed or filed with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. That is how people injured in the scope of their employment start a claim.

Steps Involved When Filing

The steps involved in filing a workers’ compensation claim start with filling out the first report of the injury. Then, typically within three or four days, the client is going to get assigned a workers’ comp claim number and receive a little black and white card in the mail. Based on that workers’ compensation claim number, they could seek medical attention with a BWC approved doctor. The doctor would fill out specific requests to get specific treatment and add conditions in the claim to take the employee off work if that is necessary.

To accomplish any sort of goal, treatment, wages, or vocational rehabilitation and get money for pain and suffering, specific paperwork needs to be filed in the process through the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. That is why having an attorney and a legal assistant that understand the process is crucial to navigate the foreign world of workers’ compensation.

Information Needed to File the Claim

The information a person would need to have available for their workers’ compensation claim includes the typical information, like their name, address, social security number, date of birth, name of employer, location of employer, date of the injury, time of the injury, and location of the injury. They are also going to need a short narrative statement about how the injury happened. Workers would need to sign and date the form.

Potential Obstacles for Victims of On-The-Job Accidents

What could make applying for workers’ compensation in Bowling Green difficult would include employees filling out the FROI, the first report of injury, giving it to the employer, and the employer doing nothing with it. This, unfortunately, happens in more cases than people might realize.

A second major problem would be that nobody tells the employee how to make a workers’ compensation claim. Some workers have no idea that they are supposed to fill out the first report of the injury to file a workers’ compensation claim.

A third major problem for workers is that, after they file the first report of the injury, they often have no idea how to proceed. Many workers injured on-the-job are unaware if they could or should seek medical attention, what a claim number is, or if the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation would approve their care. Most employees have no idea how the workers’ compensation system works. Without that basic information, they have no idea of what treatment they could get, where they could get the treatment, and what all of their legal options are when applying for workers’ compensation claims in Bowling Green.

Speak with a Workers’ Compensation Claim Attorney Today

To help ease the process of applying for workers’ compensation in Bowling Green, you need to consider working with a workers’ compensation lawyer who understands the system and who the employer’s representatives would be. Attorneys are able to understand how to get you the wages you are owed paid through temporary total, what they are going to need to add additional conditions to get their treatment approved, and how to navigate the entire system. They know how to come up with an easy-to-understand strategy that could help workers get paid, get the claim allowed, maximize recovery, and protect the job for the employee.

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