Small Smiles, Big Injuries: A Parent’s Guide To Dealing With Small Smiles Abuse

Tens of thousands of children across the country have entered Small Smiles dental clinics with perfectly healthy teeth and left with mouths full of fillings and caps, after having had their teeth drilled and root canals performed – sometimes even without pain medication.

Many of these treatments were performed after the kids were strapped down, or “papoosed”, all without their parents’ knowledge.

If your child was ever a Small Smiles patient, it is imperative that you order a free copy of our book, Small Smiles, Big Injuries: A Parent’s Guide to Dealing with Small Smiles Abuse.

The book answers questions such as:

– How do I know if my child was mistreated at Small Smiles?

– Why did the company do this?

– Which clinics were involved?

– Am I eligible to file a claim against Small Smiles on my child’s behalf?

Small Smiles, Big Injuries is available for FREE to any parent of a Small Smiles patient.

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