You Won’t Believe What Was Inside This Pizza Sub

You Won’t Believe What Was Inside This Pizza Sub

Every once in a while you may hear a story in the news about someone finding something either disgusting or dangerous in their food that was purchased from a restaurant. These stories usually garner attention in the news due to the fact that the object in the food either caused serious physical or emotional trauma from the individual who consumed it.

One of our law office’s clients, Brandon Henline, unfortunately experienced the situation described above while ordering a sub from the popular chain, Subway. Brandon had ordered a pizza sub from Subway and the object that was found inside the sub, a bolt, ended up chipping his back and front tooth.

Brandon describes the situation on the Charles Boyk Law Office’s YouTube channel. He was told by one of the staff members at Subway that the bolt that was found in Brandon’s sub was from the pizza cutter. The bolt was what held the blade of the cutter and it fell off, ending up in Brandon’s sub. The cheese then melted over the bolt so it was not noticed by the staff member.

Injured by Object in Food

Brandon took the sub home to eat it, as many of us do when we buy a sub on-the-go, and when he ate it, he found the bolt after biting down on it. The bolt ended up chipping Brandon’s teeth, resulting in a what he described as a headache of a situation dealing with Subway and the injury.

Brandon reached out to the Charles E. Boyk Law Office after searching the internet for help with his situation. He explains how our law office helped him with the situation, being available any time of the day to answer questions and make the process easier.

“I’m going to refer the Charles Boyk Law Office to anybody who needs any type of legal help,” Brandon said. “I don’t know where I would be without [the Charles Boyk Law Office] helping me out, honestly.”

Object Found in Food: Legal Options

While this situation may seem rare, these types of cases occur regularly. We advise anyone who finds an object in their food to contact an attorney. In this case, the bolt could have possibly caused even more damage to Brandon, but thankfully it did not.

To speak to one of the attorneys at our law office about an object that was found in your food at a restaurant, call 800.637.8170. You will have the opportunity to speak directly to an attorney about your situation and receive the answers that you need to your legal questions. We will provide you with advice to help you take the proper steps and ensure that you receive the proper amount of compensation.

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