Yamaha Rhino Has Defective Design

According to the Jere Beasley Report, the issue of ATV safety has become a growing concern nationwide. In a November 2007, Consumer Reports publisehd findings of a five-year study compairing the prevalence of ATV and bicycle crashes from 2000-2004, noting that “hospitalizations from ATV incidents are growing at a markedly higher rate than those caused by bicycle injuries even though thre are far more bicycle owners.” (source:

One of the most dangerous ATV’s out there is the Yamaha Rhino. Since it was introduced in the United States in 2003, it has caused a large number of devastating rollover accidents that left adults and a number of children seriously injured, permnently maimed and in some instances dead.

Injuries can be directly related to the Yamaha Rhino’s defective design. The defects include:

  • High center of gravity
  • Small wheels
  • Narrow wheelbase/frame

When these design defects are coupled with a powerful engine, fast acceleration, and quick turning radius the Rhino can become very unstable, even at slow speeds. Not only is the Rhinos design defective but also it does not provide adequate protection for drivers and passenger’s limbs in the event of an accident.

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