Work Injury Settlements

If you are injured in a work accident, it is very important to contact a lawyer. There are several guidelines and stipulations associated with work injury claims and it is imperative to have a lawyer guiding you through the process, ensuring all of the necessary steps are taken.

Lump Sum Settlement for Work Injury Accident

In certain work injury cases, the injured worker and their employer may enter into a settlement agreement. This agreement is meant to compensate the worker for the injuries they’ve sustained on the job.

The settlement must first be approved by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. This approval is necessary no matter if the employer is state-funded or self-insured. The BWC will then decide whether or not the agreed upon settlement is fair for the injured worker.

Our lawyers would like to warn injured workers of lump sum settlements. They should be careful before agreeing to such a settlement for their injuries because it will prevent them from being able to seek additional compensation.

Agreeing to a lump sum settlement closes the door to the injured worker for all payments, whether future payments for medical treatment or compensation.

Work Injury Lawyers

To prevent making decisions that will affect your compensation in a negative way, it is important to hire a work injury attorney. An attorney will know the best way to go about your settlement, helping you to receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. This will not only help you in the future but is also in the best interest of your family.

To speak with one of our Ohio work injury attorneys, call 800.637.8170. We will not only answer any questions that you may have but will also give you a free case evaluation over the phone. You can also order a free copy of The Ohio Work Injury Book from our website or request a copy when you call into our office. This book will act as a guide for you throughout the work injury claims process.

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