Why Your Family Needs An Attorney After A Fatal Bicycle Accident

As attorneys that handle tragic wrongful death cases in Ohio on a near-daily basis, we were saddened to read about the fatal accident that took the life of the Emily Gagnon, the bicyclist killed while riding for MS. Emily’s attempt at a cross-country ride from Massachusetts to San Francisco in order to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis was truly inspiring and our hearts go out to her family and friends.

In light of this tragic story, we wanted to remind families battling the same losses that there is hope. Our goal is to help families focus on each other and celebrating the life of their loved one instead of having to navigate through the complicated world of an Ohio wrongful death claim alone. Not only can we help you tackle the tough questions, but we can also help families:

– Determine who is at fault for the wrongful death

– Investigate exactly what happened

– Provide the family with all possible options for pursuing a wrongful death claim

– Contact the at-fault party’s insurance company and make them aware of what went on

– Be the liaison between insurance adjusters and the surviving loved ones, so that they are not bothered with frequent interruptions and reminders about the accident

– Gather all medical records, bills and other documents related to the claim that will be needed when making a demand to the insurance companies

– Help obtain the financial compensation for their loss, including the cost of any emergency medical bills and funeral expenses, as well as pain and suffering

– Negotiate a fair settlement on behalf of the family, making sure to obtain express permission before entering into any type of settlement agreement

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person, it is imperative that you contact an attorney for more information. We urge you to reach out to the lawyers in our office by calling 800-637-8170, filling out the online form to the right or by requesting a free copy of our book, the Ohio Wrongful Death Book, written help guide families dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one.

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