Whirlpool Blames Park PCBs On Other Companies

WTOL news sat down with Jeff Noel, Whirlpool’s Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs this afternoon in Fremont. This interview was done just hours before testing began on the old Whirlpool Park grounds.

The families of the Clyde Cancer Cluster have already tested and found PCBs in the area as well as benzaldehyde in their attics. Even with the test results, Whirlpool still claims that there is no scientific evidence proving that Whirlpool has played a role in the cancer cluster.

Noel told WTOL that he does not know why there would be PCBs at the old park site and that there have been many projects and companies that may have dumped on the property.

Attorneys Alan Mortensen and Charles Boyk represent the families of the Clyde Cancer Cluster. These families had to watch their children battle cancer while losing value on their homes due to the cancer cluster. Their stories are heartbreaking and tragic. Those involved in the lawsuit against Whirlpool hope that the company steps up and does the right thing.

Warren Brown’s daughter, Alexa, passed away in 2009 from cancer. Before her death, Warren told her that he “would not relent until every door and window was nailed so tightly shut that it could not be open.” It seems as though this is only the beginning of the battle, but our office assures you that we will fight alongside the families to ensure that the truth will come out.

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