What Is Metallosis & How Is It Linked To Hip Implants?

What Is Metallosis & How Is It Linked To Hip Implants?

Many patients that have had the DePuy hip implant have suffered health issues as a result. There are several symptoms associated with the DePuy hip implant including death of the tissue, bone loss, pain and swelling, pseudotumors, and metallosis.

What is Metallosis?

Metallosis is caused by the buildup of metal in the tissue of the body. With the DePuy hip implants, the soft tissue surrounding the hip joint is affected by the metal buildup. This condition has been seen more in those patients that received a hip resurfacing implant rather than a total hip replacement. The resurfacing replacement has a larger femoral ball than the total hip replacement implants. With a larger femoral ball, there is more abrasion within the join, causing more metallic debris to be released into the tissues.

Total hip replacement patients can still be affected with metallosis. This occurs when the articular interface of the implant fails.

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