What Can I Expect At The Initial Meeting With My Small Smiles Lawsuit Attorney?



So you saw the news reports about the Small Smiles child abuse, called an attorney and the person on the other end of the line took down some information from you and scheduled an appointment for you to meet with the lawyer.

Now what?

As Small Smiles child abuse attorneys who have met with many, many families to discuss the abuse cases in detail, we understand how intimidating that first appointment can be. That is why the lawyers at our office came up with a guide on how the meetings typically go so that as a parent, you can be put at ease and be prepared.

At the initial Small Smiles lawsuit consultation, the following usually happens:

1. The attorney and an assistant will introduce themselves explain in detail what is going on with the Small Smiles litigation and how it affects your child.

2. With your permission, they will ask your child a series of questions about his or her visit to Small Smiles dental center. These questions may include:

  • Do you remember going to Small Smiles?
  • Were you ever held down or strapped down?
  • What types of treatment did you receive?
  • Did it hurt?
  • How do you feel about going to the dentist now?

3. The attorney will then describe in detail the law firm’s role in helping your child and ask you to make the decision on whether or not you would like their assistance in bringing a claim against Small Smiles.

4. If your child still has visible indications of the treatment from Small Smiles, such as remaining caps or missing teeth, the assistant may ask to take a photograph of your child’s mouth.

5. Assuming you agreed to have the firm represent your child, you will sign documents allowing that representation to take place and also give the firm permission to order your child’s dental records on your behalf.

6. You will be encouraged to ask questions and given the contact information for all of the people who will be working on your case, including any attorneys, paralegals or staff members.

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