WARNING: Infant Forks And Spoons Recalled

Gingham Bunny forks and spoons have been recalled due to the pink coloring on the bunny’s ears. The infant utensils’ coloring can come off, creating a choking and ingestion hazard for babies.


The utensils are sold three different ways:

  1. Sold as just the infant feeding spoon
  2. Sold in a fork and spoon set
  3. Sold in a three-piece set including infant feeding spoon with bowl and bib


The infant utensils are silver in color, nickel-plated, and have a bunny with pink coloring on its ears at the end of the handle.

There has been one report of the coloring of the bunny’s ears coming off. No injuries were reported with this, but the company urges consumers to immediately take the utensils away from infants and contact Reed and Barton for a full refund or replacement of utensils.

These utensils have been sold at the Reed and Barton factory store as well as various gift shops throughout the nation. The products were also sold online at from September 2012 through January 2013 at a price between $15 and $40.

If you have purchased these infant forks and spoons, stop using them immediately. If your child has experienced health risks due to the pink coloring of the utensils, we urge you to call our Ohio product liability claims lawyers immediately. Call 800.637.8170 to speak to a lawyer over the phone and review your child’s symptoms and reactions to this recalled product.


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