Typical Cases Settled Without An Attorney

Virginia personal injury attorney Ben Glass wrote an interesting guide for victims of accident injury scenarios. It is imperative that as a victim, one knows the proper next steps to take and whether their case holds any value in the courts or not. Oftentimes, victims have a hard time discerning whether hiring an attorney is a necessary action or resolving the situation by themselves is the best next step. Glass provides a list of key characteristics of cases that can most likely be settled without an attorney.

  • Minor property damage
  • Minor Injury consisting of a sprain or strain
  • No more than two visits to the emergency department
  • No more than four months of chiropractic care or physical therapy
  • Discharged from care and have no need for further care

If in the case of broken bones, scarring, or any type of injury that has caused admittance to the hospital or out-patient surgery, then seeking an attorney is the best step to take.

If you or a family member is in need of assistance due to a case more severe than the characteristics listed above, please call 800.637.8170. In every potential life-risking, life-harming situation, it is imperative to seek an attorney for further assistance and help. Our attorneys continue to represent countless victims and their families, helping them in their time of need to receive their deserved compensation. Here, you will receive advice on the next steps to take, a free copy of The Ohio Accident Book, and plenty more resources to assist you.

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