Toledo Priest Charged with Hit and Run of an 8-Year-Old Boy

Toledo Priest Charged with Hit and Run of an 8-Year-Old Boy

TOLEDO, OH – On January 5, 2022, a 69-year-old priest entered the parking lot of Rosary Cathedral Parish just as parents were lining up in their cars to pick up their children for school. The incident, caught on surveillance video, showed a light blue Honda Fit driving against the flow of traffic when an 8-year-old boy suddenly runs out from a group of students and is struck by the Honda Fit driven by the Priest. The boy is seen falling to the ground where several adults rush to check on him.

The Priest who was driving the Honda does not exit his car but seems to have a brief conversation with someone before turning his vehicle around and then exits the parking lot. A witness at the scene told police she attempted to stop the vehicle from first entering the lot and then exiting but that she was unable to do so. The boy did sustain injuries but at the time of the hit they did not seem to be life-threatening. The priest was cited by the Toledo Police after the incident for hit and run and has a court date scheduled for February.

Hit and Run Accidents

When a driver collides with another vehicle or a pedestrian like in this case and then leaves the scene without giving any information it not only is irresponsible but a criminal matter as well. It is a drivers’ duty in an accident, even when it could be understood that the driver in question was not a fault for the accident, to not leave the scene of the accident without at the minimum giving his or her name and insurance information to the other drivers or the pedestrian involved. If there is property damage or any injury, police should be called. If you are in a situation where you find yourself a victim of an accident and the other driver leaves the scene follow these tips.

  • Get as much information about the offending vehicle as possible, including make, model, and license plate number;
  • Look for any possible witnesses and take down their names and phone numbers;
  • Before you leave the scene, make sure to write down the time and date of the accident, and take pictures of both the accident scene and your car;
  • If you didn’t witness the hit and run (e.g., it happened when your car was parked overnight somewhere), take down as much information as you can, including estimated time, location, and damage details.

Report the accident as soon as you can safely to the police. All the information you can collect can be helpful to track down the other person who may be at fault.                                             

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