Toledo, Ohio Motorcycle Accident Lawyers On Drinking And Riding

Our Toledo, Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers handle cases on a regular basis where motorcyclists are hit by drunk drivers, or people riding on the back of a motorcycle are injured by the motorcycle driver who has been drinking.

One way to figure out what you might blow on a Breathalyzer test is normal, for every glass of beer, a glass of wine, or shot alcohol that you consume, your blood alcohol level would be 0.02 for a person weighing approximately 150 pounds. You can then subtract 0.01 for every hour that passes.

Hypothetically, if you had 6 beers, that would be a 0.12 blood alcohol lever. If you consumed those drinks over 3 hours, that the blood alcohol level would be a 0.12 minus 0.03, which would be a 0.09, which would still put you over the legal limit.

The motorcycle accident lawyers in our office encourage you to ride safe, and never to drink and ride – as a passenger or as a driver.

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