Toledo Clinic Botox Misconduct Affects Hundreds in the Toledo and Surrounding Areas

Toledo Clinic Botox Misconduct Affects Hundreds in the Toledo and Surrounding Areas

The Toledo Clinic is a staple in medical care in the Toledo and surrounding areas. However, over the last few years, Toledo Clinic has come under fire for dishonest medical treatment and diagnoses, and improper billing.

Recently, investigations have revealed that Toledo Clinic patients who potentially sought treatment for migraines were billed for a full vial of Botox (approximately 200 units) but did not even receive the FDA recommended amount of 155 units of Botox. Further, investigations suggest that the unused portions of Botox would then be reused on other patients or even administered to non-patients for cosmetic reasons.

Amidst these allegations The Toledo Clinic has released the following statement: “Toledo Clinic compliance officers directed an audit of the Botox administered by all Toledo Clinic-employed providers. In that audit, the Toledo Clinic discovered irregularities with the Botox billing practices of Dr. Mamon Maiteh and Dr. James Auberle and determined that it was possible that some number of their patients had received less than the manufacturer recommended dosage of the medication. As a result of its investigation and audit, the Toledo Clinic terminated the employment of Dr. Maiteh and Dr. Auberle, made a full disclosure to the federal government, and began the process of returning the applicable payments to third-party payors and patients.”

The Toledo Clinic has since sent letters advising patients of the potential dosage issue. The number of patients affected by the improper conduct of Toledo Clinic providers is believed to be near a thousand. Our office has been retained by several Toledo Clinic patients who have received Botox treatments and want further answers. We are happy to review potential cases for individuals who have had similar circumstances.

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