Three People Injured After Multi-Dog Attack In Ohio

Although most pets are considered to be valued members of the family (in addition to cute and cuddly), sometimes animals can become vicious or irritated and attack people causing serious and often permanent personal injuries. Of all the animal attack cases handled by the Toledo injury lawyers at the Charles Boyk Law Offices, the most common are undoubtedly dog bite incidents. Unfortunately, these cases also tend to leave the victim scarred forever.

Such are the circumstances in a recent case where three people were injured in a multi-dog attack in Ohio.

Last Wednesday afternoon, two unleashed dogs were roaming a Toledo neighborhood when they unexpectedly attacked an elderly woman outside of a grocery store. The woman was bitten on her legs but fortunately managed to get away. Moments later, the same dogs also attacked an 11-year-old boy walking by. Upon seeing the young boy fall to the ground, a male driver passing by stopped to help him, only to be attacked and bit himself.

When Animal Care and Control arrived on the scene, they immediately shot at the dogs. Although one dog died instantly upon being shot, the other animal managed to get away. Due to the seriousness of this case and the number of victims involved, an investigation has been opened up and criminal charges will be filed against the owner of the dogs.

Anytime one is hurt in an animal attack, it is always the best idea to contact an experienced Ohio dog bite attorney immediately. Not only will experienced legal counsel prove beneficial in establishing liability and identifying the animal (to determine whether it has rabies or not), but they will also help guide victims through the difficult and complex insurance claims process. Don’t hesitate to explore all of your legal options, contact a lawyer as soon as possible!

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