Those Affected By The Clyde Cancer Cluster Gather Together

Those Affected By The Clyde Cancer Cluster Gather Together

A town hall meeting was held on Monday evening to answer the public’s questions surrounding the Clyde Cancer Cluster and the class action lawsuit against Whirlpool Inc. The attorneys representing the families of the Clyde Cancer Cluster, Alan Mortensen and Charles Boyk, felt that a town hall meeting was necessary as the office had been receiving countless phone calls from the public after the press conference held on May 15, 2013. The attorneys released the findings of the environmental tests during the press conference, including the elevated levels of benzaldehyde in the area.

Since the press conference, other residents of Sandusky County have come forward with different types of cancers. The mystery remains whether or not the different types of cancers are related to the cancer cluster and Whirlpool’s past business practices. The town hall meeting was a time to join together and learn more about the lawsuit that has been filed.

There were no Whirlpool executives that attended the town hall meeting. Last week the company said that there is no scientific evidence that ties them to the cancer in the area.

Attorney Boyk stated at the press conference that this is only the beginning of the investigation. There is still much to be found, and our office is confident that we will find the answers that the families of Clyde are looking for. But, we cannot help but notice that environmental issues are also prevalent in another community where a now-closed Whirlpool plant is located.

Our goal is to find the cause for the health issues in the Clyde area, bring justice to the community, and help the families to rebuild. To stay up-to-date with new information surrounding the Clyde Cancer Cluster, visit for the latest news articles and test results.

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