The State Of Georgia Maximum Liability Claim Is $3 Million, No Matter How Many People Are Hurt


The State of Georgia will pay $3 million to the victims in the 2007 Bluffton baseball team fatal bus accident, which is the maximum legal settlement that the state is allowed to pay.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution quotes:

“But state tort law limits the state’s liability to $3 million per occurrence, no matter how many people were hurt, said DOT spokesman David Spear.”

The fatal bus accident took the lives of seven passengers, including five baseball players, the bus driver, and his wife. Twenty eight passengers suffered personal injury as a result of the bus accident.

According to the Associated Press, it is believed that the bus driver thought that he was continuing onto a HOV, or High Occupancy Vehicle, lane, but drove onto a mismarked exit ramp. The parents of the accident victims are asking the government to enforce stricter rules for bus safety, including stronger window glass and roofs, mandatory seat belts, better driver training, and clearly, marked exit signs.

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