The Road To Recovery After A Rollover Accident

Alyssa Headley was working two jobs and on her way home from one of them when her life was literally turned upside down.

At 10pm on May 9, 2014, Alyssa was struck by an uninsured driver who was so busy paying attention to his phone that he ran the stop sign at the corner of State Route 199 and Roachton Road, causing her car to flip three times and leave her hanging upside down by her seatbelt.

After being extracted from the vehicle, Alyssa was transported by ambulance to the University of Toledo Medical Center where it was determined that she had a dislocated left knee cap and two shattered bones in her ankle.

A plate and two screws were surgically implanted to repair the damage to Alyssa’s ankle and the hardware was in place for two months. In addition to the plates and screws, Alyssa had to have a large halo surrounding her leg, causing her to be wheelchair bound for much of her recovery.

“When I was admitted to trauma unit at UTMC, my dad looked up lawyers and found Charles Boyk and one of the nurses who was cleaning the wounds around the hardware said that she had heard great things about Chuck Boyk, so we called him up and had a meeting at the house,” Alyssa said.

A few months after the accident, Alyssa had to undergo a second surgery to have the hardware removed.

Charles Boyk Law Offices handled the entire process and helped Alyssa obtain compensation under her uninsured motorist coverage, to help pay for the abundance of medical expenses that she had incurred.

“It was actually pretty easy for me,” Alyssa said. “They took care of everything for me. They only asked for a couple of signatures and some paperwork and asked for some pictures of the injury. Not a big deal.”

Through it all, Alyssa continued to stay optimistic, despite being cooped up the house and unable to drive.

“Cindy, Leslie, and Lisa in the office were very kind, very nice, very patient,” Alyssa said. “They could tell I was getting a little on edge being locked in the house and they were very helpful.”

Alyssa attributes her substantial settlement to the hard work and experience provided by the firm. She was also pleased with the service she received.

“Chuck is funny,” Alyssa said with a laugh. “And he’s a good guy and knowledgeable. I love the lawyer’s office and I will be a client for life. I recommend them to a lot of people.”

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