Texting And Driving Causes Fatal Auto Accident In Missouri

While all of the roadway crash cases the Ohio auto accident attorneys at the Charles Boyk Law Offices handle, one significant pattern stands out: the larger the vehicles involved, the more likely it is that the drivers and passengers will sustain permanent or fatal injuries.

An example of this is seen in a recent Toledo truck accident that resulted in the injury of 38 and the death of two.

While driving a pickup truck, a 19 year-old motorist was texting feverishly on his cell phone when he crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer, ultimately igniting a chain reaction. As a result of the initial collision, a school bus rear-ended the pickup truck, which in turn his another school bus. Although emergency medical crews rushed to the crash site, both the driver of the pickup truck and a 15 year-old student on one of the buses were pronounced dead at the scene. A total of 38 other individuals were taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment of other serious injuries.

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