Teen Drivers Prove To Be Higher Risk

Ohio teens are the most susceptible group to be involved in traffic crashes. Teen drivers were at a fault of ten percent of all fatal crashes between 2009 and 2011, with speed-related circumstances accounting for 56 percent of accidents. In 2011, roughly 60 percent of issued citations were to teen drivers for speeding, and 19 percent were a failure to wear a seatbelt.

Many dangers face drivers every day, especially new drivers who are likely unaware of how to handle situations that they may encounter while on the road. Some important factors to remember when learning to drive safely:

  1. Learning to drive takes time and lots of practice, it’s a big responsibility
  2. Drivers and all passengers should always wear seat belts
  3. Plan ahead to avoid rushing or speeding
  4. Avoid distractions, stay focused on the road and the people around you
  5. Always assume other drivers are not aware of you, be cautious

In August of this year, the Ohio High School Athletic Association conducted a program to educate new student drivers. The “You Are in Control” program emphasizes the importance of decision making and that the person behind the wheel is the one in control. The Ohio State Highway Patrol has also become more stringent through traffic enforcement.

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