Survivors Get the Settlement They Deserve

Four U.S.A. woman's gymnastics members in formal attire standing in a court room

Lawrence G. Nassar sparked headlines in 2015 for his years of abuse as a doctor for the U.S.A. Gymnastics program. Nassar had abused hundreds of girls and young women over the course of 18 years in his position. Although many women had come forward to the Gymnastics committee and the Olympics committee for years before Nassar was indicted, neither committee responded appropriately. Eventually, the victims’ claims were heard, which led to very public trial and guilty verdict that put Nassar behind bars for life.

Now in 2021 following a groundbreaking civil suit against the U.S.A Gymnastics program and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic committee, for their inaction and negligence over the years of abuse.  The victims of Nassar have reached a $380 million dollar settlement. This is the biggest settlement to have been recorded for a case of this nature. This settlement will be awarded to over 500 gymnasts that have waited for these two groups to be held accountable for the abuse they ignored for years.

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