Good Samaritans Save Man From Beneath Burning Car

21-year-old Brandon Wright was driving his motorcycle eastbound on U.S. Highway 89 when a black BMW pulled out in front of him. To avoid a collision Mr. Wright laid his bike over. His bike went up in flames and he was then trapped underneath the BMW.

The situation was looking grim with the flames beginning to spread. That’s when some Good Samaritans jumped in and are the reason that Brandon survived.

About fifty yards away from the accident construction workers were working on a project at the University. They heard a crash and dropped what they were doing to rush to the scene and help. Some of the men even grabbed some fire extinguishers as they ran through the campus and called for more help.

With Wright still trapped under the car, a team of about a dozen men worked together to lift the burning car off of Brandon. When the car was lifted enough one of the men pulled Wright out from under the car.

Brandon was airlifted to the hospital and is listed in critical condition. He has some severe injuries but is stable.

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