Good Samaritan Turns Into Accident Victim

Clinton Johnson was playing the role of Good Samaritan one cold and snowy Tuesday night on his way home from work. He was driving northbound on I-75 near Findlay when he noticed a truck coming up behind him at a high rate of speed, even though the roads were slippery on the cold winter evening.

The truck passed Clinton in the other lane and was exiting the expressway when it suddenly flipped over and went off the side of the road and into a ravine.

Clinton immediately pulled off of the exit ramp and went to see if the man driving the truck was okay. By the time he got there, the driver was outside of the truck walking around, kicking tires, and cursing. He was blaming the truck for the accident that had just occurred, and not himself.

After talking to the man to ensure that he was okay, Clinton made his way back to his vehicle to get his cell phone and call 911. That’s when Clinton turned from Good Samaritan to victim. He heard noises coming from behind him and turned around to see what was another vehicle not even six feet from him on a collision course.

The vehicle struck Clinton just below the knees and threw him 25 feet into a barbed wire fence. His knees became inverted and his hands became pinned against the fence. The barbed wire had gone through Clinton’s fingers and he could see the bottom of his head and that his legs were behind him.

Clinton thought that his life was over.

The man driving the vehicle got out of the car and asked Clinton if he was okay. He replied with, “No I’m not. I’m hurt.”

The paramedics arrived and one held Clinton up while the other cut the fence. They pulled his legs out from under him and straightened him out as much as possible, placing him on a backboard. He was then transported to Blanchard Valley Hospital in Findlay, Ohio.

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