Rollover Truck Accident Cause Fatalities

Our Toledo, Ohio trucking accident lawyers handle on a regular basis cases involving injured truck drivers.

Recently there have been a large number of cases involving heavy-duty trucks or 18-wheelers in which the occupants have been severely injured or even killed.

The Jere Beasley report stated that recently they have settled two separate death cases in which both drivers were killed when the roof of the cab separated from the truck during a rollover. In both instances, the manufacturers failed to perform any type of rollover, crash-worthy tests before the trucks were introduced to the market.

The industry has studied rollover event possibilities for years and is well aware of the risk that presents itself when companies fail to perform the essential tests before allowing these vehicles on the market. Truck manufacturers sponsored rollover research in the 1990’s and showed that truck cabs could experience loads as high as 30,000-50,000 pounds in a rollover. It also showed that in heavy truck cabs, the dash would be crushed and the space for an occupant would be eliminated.

Despite all of the life-threatening research that has been brought to the attention of the manufacturers, they refuse to perform any type of dynamic rollover testing that would help determine the safety of the occupant in the event of a rollover. Unlike the passenger car industry, the heavy truck industry lacks the government’s strict safety regulations.

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