Radiation Therapy and Mesothelioma

Radiation Therapy and Mesothelioma

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer caused by exposure to Asbestos, it can be overwhelming to consider what is next. People who are diagnosed are placed under the care of a medical team who will treat the cancer. The question individuals who are diagnosed often have, is what treatment options are available for their mesothelioma. Commonly, for someone diagnosed with mesothelioma, use of radiation therapy may be an option.

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses high energy rays, not unlike x-rays, to target and kill cancer cells. It can be given as a single form of treatment or in combination with other forms of treatments like chemotherapy. When it is given a single form of treatment it is used to deal with specific issues related to a tumorous mass. These issues might include nerve impingement or obstruction/infiltration of a major organ being affected by the tumor. In these cases the radiation is used to shrink the tumor as much as possible.

Often when radiation is used before surgery it is to shrink the tumor before attempting to remove it from the body. If used after surgery, the radiation therapy may be used to target the affected area so the underlying disease does not continue to grow and spread. When used in combination with chemotherapy it will can enhance the overall effect of killing all cells in a cancerous area, including any stray cells that may have broken away from the original tumor and risk the further spread of the cancer.

Radiation therapy for mesothelioma involves a specialist called a Radiation Oncologist. This doctor, who is part of an overall care team that treats a patient when they have this or any other form of cancer, works to insure that the proper type, amounts, and in the proper locations of radiation therapy are being used to gain the best effect for the patient.

Other Names for Radiation and Goals for Treatment

Radiation therapy can be called by several different names depending on the type of radiation being used. It can include X-ray therapy, irradiation, radiotherapy, or cobalt treatment.  The radiation oncologist will determine the type, the amount, and how many treatments to utilize for the patient. Before anything begins, you will have a meeting with these doctors to put together a plan for how you will proceed.

The overall goal is to keep the cancer from spreading, to limit the original tumor sources, and in some cases actually cure the cancer. Radiation when used for Mesothelioma is often used in combination with other treatments like chemotherapy and surgery to work towards the best outcome for survival from the cancer.

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