Predator Professor Leads to Another Civil Suit Against The University of Michigan

Bird's eye view of a building on the University of Michigan campus

The acclaimed University of Michigan has been under recent fire by the public, for employing sexual predators as leaders and educators of the University. Bruce Conforth, a University of Michigan professor, was fired in 2017 after admitting to sexual abuse allegations. Although the abuse for some students occurred nearly ten years prior, the University continued to employ him. Recently, eight survivors have come forward and filed with the Washtenaw County Court, a civil suit against the University for its inaction, and blatant disregard for its student’s well-being.

Unfortunately, Conforth is not the only predator the University has employed and given access to students. The University earlier this month reached a settlement of 490 million dollars for another predator professor. Dr. Robert Anderson was accused in his tenure as a professor, of sexually assaulting over 1000 people. Even the President of the university was exempt in allegations in recent months. As Mark Schlissel was fired recently for inappropriate relationships with subordinates. The University, although widely accredited in education, consistently leaves its students vulnerable to predators. Although recently have been held financially responsible for the harm caused.

Our firm investigates cases of sexual assault, in cases like the University of Michigan, we can hold them accountable. Where sometimes criminal charges may not be possible, financial compensation provides an avenue to heal. If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, please call our offices so we may help you today.

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