My Personal Injury Has Worsened

After being involved in an accident and sustaining an injury, the first step is to always visit a medical professional for an assessment. The lawyers at our office recommend clients see their primary care physician if the injuries are not life-threatening, or to visit the emergency room. If an accident victim plans to pursue a personal injury claim, they must have medical records on file that document the injuries that they sustained.

There are times when an accident victim is assessed immediately following an incident, but their symptoms and injuries worse later on. If this happens, it is absolutely imperative for the individual to notify their lawyer is they have sustained another injury or a serious exacerbation of a current injury.

Throughout the legal process, keeping documents of injuries and the recovery process is essential to your case. If your injuries are not getting better and have further affected your life in a negative manner, be sure to notify your lawyer.

There are certain types of injuries that you may not think are serious at first, but as time goes on, they can continuously exacerbate. For example, if the slight back pain has progressed into something that keeps you from being able to move your body, you should notify your doctor and your lawyer of the condition. If this becomes an injury that you plan to seek compensation for, you will need to have the proper documentation to prove it.

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