Personal Injury Cases Of Interest: January 2014

Our personal injury office handles a variety of cases on a regular basis. To allow our readers to understand some of the different cases we handle, we are sharing the cases of interest from January.

Listed below are three cases our office has handled recently. Did you know that our office handles everything from vehicle accidents to medical malpractice?

Head-On Collision

Head-on collision leaves our client with vision problems and a possible need for knee surgery

One of our clients was driving along a familiar route when things went horribly wrong. They were struck head-on in an intersection and their car was then pushed into a fire hydrant!

The accident results in multiple hospital visits, x-rays, MRI’s, stitches, a torn retina that may require future surgery, and a pulled tendon in the chest. The clients knew was also injured and may require physical therapy as well as surgery.

Serious Infection Contracted at Hospital

A serious infection was contracted in the hospital after our client broke their leg, surgery was required as well as a wound vacuum

Our client was in the hospital after breaking their leg. They were in need of surgery to repair the injury and ended up contracting a very serious infection because the environment and surgical tools used in the procedure were not cleaned properly.

Our client’s infection worsened and they were required to then have two additional surgeries to the leg, along with an implantation of a wound vacuum to help draw out fluid and increase blood flow and healing. Our client still has trouble walking to this day because of the infection.

Passenger Suffers Broken Neck after Car Flips

The passenger of a vehicle suffered a broken neck and near paralysis, after the car, they were in flipped three times

Our client was sleeping in a vehicle and suddenly awoke to the car being swerved off of the road. It then flipped three times and came to rest in an embankment.

The accident resulted in our client’s broken neck and spine paralysis at C5 and C6 vertebrae. She then underwent three surgeries and was kept in the hospital for weeks. She may have to have future surgeries and months of rehab, along with future extended hospital stays.

Personal Injury Accidents

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