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Personal Injury Cases of Interest: February 2014

Our law office makes it a point to share personal injury cases of interest in our monthly newsletters. We believe that doing so helps our readers and the general public know what types of cases our law office handles, and how large the practice area of personal injury is.

This month’s cases of interest include three vehicle-related accidents. Car accident claims are referred to as personal injury claims, so whenever you hear of an attorney who is considered a “car accident attorney” you can know understand that they are a personal injury attorney.

Vehicle Accident Cases of Interest

Passenger Struck When Driver Runs Red Light, Surgery Needed

Our client was the passenger in a vehicle during a serious car accident. The driver ran a red light, causing the vehicle they were in to be t-boned. After the collision, our client was taken to St. Vincent’s Mercy Medical Center via ambulance due to their injuries. The crash caused them to have a fractured tibia and they would need to have surgery to repair it. They ended up having to get two screw implants, as well as an immobilizer device, resulting in a three-month recovery period.

Rear-End Accident on Bridge Fractures Woman’s Back & Neck

Our client’s car had broken down on the I-280 Bridge in Toledo, so she set her flashers on to notify other drivers of the disabled nature of her vehicle. After this unfortunate event occurred, she was rear-ended by another vehicle. The force of the collision was so great that our client’s neck and back were fractured. Our client was then taken to Bay Park Hospital where she had to stay for three days due to the injuries sustained in the accident. During her time at the hospital, she was also diagnosed with three fractured vertebrae in her back and one fractured vertebrae in her neck. As a result of this accident, our client still experiences horrific pain from the injuries she sustained.

Car Strikes Pedestrian, Causing Fractured Back & Damages Building

A young man was driving his vehicle when he lost control of it, jumped the curve, and then crashed into a building owned by our client. The vehicle then ricocheted off of the building and struck our other client who was walking to work at the time. The pedestrian who was struck had to be transferred to the trauma unit at St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. He had suffered seven fractured vertebrae in the collision with the vehicle and now faces the possibility of surgery. He also is required to wear a back brace and now needs the assistance of a cane when walking. As for the building, the owner must now deal with a large crack that extends all the way up the side of the bar and grill – a very costly fix.

If you or your loved one suffers an unfortunate accident, requiring medical treatment and sustaining injuries that effect their quality of life, you should call a personal injury attorney. As demonstrated above, our office has helped numerous victims who have suffered injuries in car accidents and we can help you, too. Call our office at 800.637.8170 to review your case and see how we can help you to get the compensation that you deserve.

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