Pedestrian Hurt After Vehicle Strikes

Pedestrian Hurt After Vehicle Strikes

Around October 9, 2019, our client was walking to her car from The Toledo Academy of Beauty, in Oregon, Ohio. While traveling from the sidewalk to the parking lot, she approached a vehicle parked along the curb. As our client proceeded into the parking lot, the vehicle accelerated forward, hitting our client on the left side of her body. Our client was treated at The Toledo Hospital Emergency Department due to the juries she sustained from the collision.

Computing Damages

Our client experienced serious injuries to her left ankle, left knee, left hip, back, left arm, left shoulder, and neck. Our client was required to undergo medical care and incurred substantial medical costs. Furthermore, our client’s quality of life and ability to continue everyday activities have been diminished.

Our client seeks compensation for her injuries due to the negligence of the defendant driver. The defendant failed to use due care and failed to operate his car safely by striking our client. Additionally, a claim against our client’s insurance was made for uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

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