Pedestrian Hit & Killed by Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim

Pedestrian Hit & Killed by Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim

A tragedy occurred on February 20, 2019 when a 51-year-old pedestrian named Jorge Jimenez was hit and killed by the storied Syracuse basketball head coach Jim Boeheim. Coach Boeheim is reportedly cooperating with the investigation into this pedestrian death.

According to reports, Mr. Jimenez was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control on the highway and struck a guard rail. Coach Boeheim was driving along that same road and was reportedly trying to avoid the disabled vehicle when he struck and killed Mr. Jimenez, who was standing on the side of the road. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jorge Jimenez’s family in the wake of this horrible tragedy.

Pedestrian fatalities are all too common, and Boyk Law often represents loved ones who are facing a loss like the one Mr. Jimenez’s family now faces. In fact, Boyk Law recently filed a lawsuit in federal court for the family of a man killed on the Ohio turnpike in October 2018. In that case, Carlos Arzuaga pulled to the side of the turnpike at night and exited his vehicle, leaving his lights on. Another person stopped directly behind him and activated his emergency hazard lights. Without taking any evasive action until impact, a semi-truck driver for Mareg Transport, LLC slammed into the van behind Mr. Arzuaga and then hit Mr. Arzuaga’s vehicle. The semi-truck then hit Carlos, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Boyk Law started actively investigating the case immediately after being contacted by Mr. Arzuaga’s family. Among other things, we hired a top notch accident reconstructionist right away to attend critical inspections of the vehicles and interpret data from the semi-truck.

Because of our experience with pedestrian-vehicle fatality cases, we are familiar with many of the questions the Jimenez family might be asking after Jorge was killed yesterday. If we were working on a case similar to the one involving Coach Boeheim, we would be looking at the following questions:

  • Did Coach Boeheim and/or the driver who lost control of the other vehicle have liability insurance? If so, who are the insurance companies and what are the policy limits? It would be important to open claims as soon as possible.
  • Did Jorge Jimenez have an automobile insurance policy that included uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, or medical payments coverage? Again, it would be important to open a claim with his carrier.
  • What was Mr. Jimenez’s cause of death, and did he experience conscious pain and suffering?
  • What caused Mr. Jimenez’s driver to lose control?
  • What were the lighting and weather conditions?
  • Were there any driving or emergency hazard lights activated on the disabled vehicle?
  • How fast was Jim Boeheim traveling? Should he have been able to see the disabled vehicle and react to it sooner so as not to put Mr. Jimenez in danger and ultimately take his life?
  • Where exactly was Mr. Jimenez standing, and did Jim Boeheim see pedestrians before striking Mr. Jimenez?
  • If Coach Boeheim had been driving carefully, would he have seen Mr. Jimenez and been able to avoid hitting him?

These are just some of the questions we would be asking if faced with a case like this one out of New York, and we hope these questions are answered for Jorge Jimenez’s family.

How an Ohio Car Accident Attorney Can Help

The attorneys at Boyk Law have extensive experience helping the families of pedestrians who have been struck by automobiles. Our attorneys will, among other things:

  • Preserve evidence;
  • Arrange for an estate to be opened if the victim has passed away;
  • Gather all investigative reports;
  • Seek out and hire appropriate crash reconstruction experts to investigate the cause of a collision;
  • Uncover any and all insurance policies that may be responsible for paying expenses related to the collision;
  • Hold responsible parties accountable for the pain and suffering families have had to endure

We will fight to obtain maximum compensation for all injuries and loss of life and we would be happy to discuss all of your options to protect your legal rights. Call 419-241-1395 or Live Chat on our site to schedule your free appointment today.

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