Paying Your Medical Bills After Being Injured In An Ohio Pedestrian Accident

Here at the Charles Boyk Law Offices, our pedestrian accident lawyers represent clients who have suffered serious injuries while walking or jogging in Ohio. Pedestrian accidents often yield serious injuries that require extensive medical care, surgeries, and hospitalization. The medical expenses and medical bills related to this treatment can be substantial and overwhelming to the pedestrian accident victim.

A pedestrian has rights and is entitled to collect damages from the person at fault for the accident. Dealing with the insurance companies is oftentimes a difficult and tricky situation. The insurance company would like to settle for as little as possible and it may be confusing for Ohio pedestrians to know exactly what their rights are.

To learn more about your legal rights after an Ohio pedestrian accident, please request our book, which was written by our Ohio car accident lawyers Charles Boyk, Michael Bruno and Nicholas Dodosh. Our book, “The Ohio Accident Book,” has been called the best book ever written for persons injured in car accidents in Ohio. It can answer all of your questions, in plain English, about your legal rights against negligent drivers. We’ll send it to you for FREE!

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