Ohio Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers: Don’t Sign Documents

Signing documents before consulting an Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer could sink your motorcycle claim. When representatives of insurance companies ask you to sign certain documents shortly after you’ve been injured, alarm bells should be going off in your head.

Insurance companies often will ask you to sign authorization forms that allow them to access all of your medical records. They’ll pass it off as something that’s routine and necessary if you want to make a claim. What they don’t tell you is that signing authorization forms allows them to dig through your personal medical history that has nothing to do with your motorcycle accident injuries. This not only violates your privacy but could damage your case.

An experienced injury attorney will stop the insurance company from having any contact with you. Your attorney will gather your medical records and present only the information that has to do with your case to the insurance adjuster. This is another example of why it’s a mistake to wait after an Ohio motorcycle accident injury before consulting a lawyer.

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