Ohio Deer-Vehicle Accidents

The Ohio Department of Transportation is cautioning drivers to be aware of deer along roadways. There is an increase in deer movement, causing concern for vehicle accidents.

There were reportedly nearly 21,000 vehicle collisions that involved a deer last year. Of these collisions, there were 6 fatal accidents and over 1,000 injuries. There is also an unknown number of deer collisions that are not reported to the police.

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The Ohio Department of Transportation listed those counties in our state that have the most reported number of collisions with deer.

  • Stark County – 558 deer-vehicle collisions
  • Richard County – 533 deer-vehicle collisions
  • Hamilton County – 524 deer-vehicle collisions
  • Clermont County – 470 deer-vehicle collisions
  • Lorain County – 470 deer-vehicle collisions

With such a significant number of collisions that occur, motorists are being warned to be cautious near deer-crossing signs. They are asked to watch for deer around sunrise and sunset near the deer-crossing signs. They also say that over half of the collisions that occur happen between 5 p.m. and midnight.

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Ohio Deer-Vehicle Lawyers

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