Ohio Car Accident Lawyers For Low Impact Car Accidents

It is a common occurrence where an Ohio driver or passenger are injured in an Ohio car accident where there is little or no property damage to the vehicle or vehicles. It is times like this when hiring an experienced Ohio car accident lawyer is a wise decision.

Some people in the insurance industry have labeled these low property damage types of cases as MIST (Minor Impact, Soft Tissue) cases. By using this term, the insurance companies have tried to minimize the potential for serious injuries that can come along with a “minor” impact case where there is not much damage to the car itself. Insurance companies bank on the idea that if the case ends up in front of a jury, the jury will see photos of the car with little or no damage and they will not believe that the person in the car could have possibly been hurt.

This is why Ohio car accident victims need to hire a lawyer who (1) is experienced in handling cases with seriously injured occupants where there is little or no property damage and (2) knows the science and research behind such cases.

Biomechanical research has shown that typically the greater the change in velocity in a collision, the greater the resulting damage. Yet research has also determined that two identical vehicles with similar changes in velocity can have completely different damage patterns depending on collision parameters. Also, even when using identical test dummies, the data shows that the values for the left front seat occupant are not the same for the right front seat occupant and that the results are not repeatable from test to test. In other words, every accident is different, and there is no one answer to what the injuries will be in any given accident.

The data has also shown that impact from car accidents is unlike the impact from any other type of activity such as a football tackle. A trained Ohio car accident lawyer will be able to rebut a defense attorney’s argument that you were just “bumped a little bit” as though you were playing a sport – car accidents are far different, and the science proves it.

The National Automotive Sampling System has gathered data on over 100,000 individuals who have been injured in rear end car accidents – many in speeds of less than 5 miles per hour. The data shows that it has never been definitively established that there is a minimum speed below which people will not be injured in a crash. In other words, if there is an impact between two cars traveling at any speed, there is a real potential for significant injury to the occupants.

Much of the research surrounding these matters have been conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but at the same time, much of it has been conducted by firms hired by the insurance industry. In other words, there is a lot of biased so-called “scientific research” out there that was essentially bought and paid for by the insurance industry. Choosing the right Ohio car accident attorney for your case can make all the difference between whether your attorney will be able to disprove the biased research in a court of law.

Even supposedly honest and non-biased research is still likely slanted in favor of the defense attorney. This is because, in research that has been done with actual human subjects, the subjects are first screened to make sure that they have no pre-existing back or neck injuries, they are generally young, healthy people, and they know the crash is about to occur and can brace themselves. This is often not the situation in a real-world car accident.

At the end of the day, your attorney’s knowledge of car accident physics, engineering, and the supporting research can make all the difference between a successful resolution to your case versus having to accept a lowball settlement offer. Don’ delay. Call the Ohio car accident lawyers at the Charles E. Boyk Law Offices, LLC today at 419-241-1395 or 1-800-637-8170. Our fee is just a percentage of the money that we get for you – if you don’t get paid, you owe us nothing!

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